Inspired by the pictures and instructions of @antiguaartisan on Instagram and also using the guidance of this blog http://www.beetsandbones.com/homemade-kefir-cultured-butter/ I made cultured kefir butter.


Mostly to see if I could, and I love a good taste test.

This process supposedly creates diacetyl, an aroma compound that is quintessential “butter” and gets used a lot in commercial popcorn.

And finally, to get some of the supposed health benefits from the lactic acid-producing bacteria involved in this process: better digestion and immune system strengthening.



1 pint of heavy cream

2 Tbsp of kefir milk (I started with one as per other recipes, but added a second after day one).


1 glass jar

stand mixer (or the strong arms of several people?)



This took 2.5 days. Most recipes claim 24 hrs, but it’s winter and cold in my house, and I wasn’t using kefir grains (a specific bacteria amount compared to kefir milk) or raw cream (already has bacteria). My cream had been pasteurized and according to a Whole Foods employee, I would have to go to Amish country to get raw milk.


Step 1: Combine the kefir milk and cream, cover with paper towel and rubberband, let sit on kitchen counter until it turns the consistency of sour cream.

Step 2: Put in stand mixer on medium speed until the butter separates from the milk.

Step 3: Strain in a colander, press into parchment paper to drain even more milk, *add salt if you want*

Step 4: Roll or shape how you want.

The heavy cream and kefir milk around day 2. Still liquidy. Waiting for sour cream consistency.


At day 2.5 – sour cream consistency achieved!


Into the mixer on medium speed until separation of fat from buttermilk.


First strain it in the colander and then press it on parchment paper.


Real buttermilk – gotta make pancakes soon.