Melissa blog pic fermented buckwheat

From the focus of my blog, it’s clear that I gluten — obviously I’ve no allergy, and I’ve learned that fermenting it makes it better for your digestive system and the nutrients in wheat more accessible to your body. Moreover, whole/ancient/heirloom grains have a ton of fiber which is great for blood sugar management, lipid profile, satiety etc.

Nonetheless I was so excited to work on a GLUTEN FREE BREAD RECIPE that was just published by Breadtopia. My daughter has a friend with celiacs, and now she won’t have to bring a bag of special food next time she sleeps over.

Moreover, even though I can eat gluten 24/7, I’ve chosen to make this bread over and over, because I like it, especially with cultured butter, a little honey, and a banana on the side. This is now my #1 breakfast on a rock climbing day.

This bread is really easy to make. It’s a good intro to fermentation for newbies, and buckwheat and flax seeds are crazy healthy.