This is a family favorite because of the aroma and the flavor of the crumb and the tasty toasted seeds on the crust. It’s great with soup, for sandwiches, as breakfast toast, alongside a salad, underneath tomatoes — you name it! 

60% all purpose or bread flour

40% whole grain durum wheat flour

75% water

15% sourdough starter

1.6-2% salt

7% toasted sesame seeds

For two loaves:

600g AP, 400g durum, 750g water, 150g starter, 3-4 tsp salt, 60g toasted sesame seeds (scant half cup)

Additional sesame seeds for decorating the crust.

Mix all ingredients by hand or in stand mixer 5-10 minutes, cover.

Stretch and fold at the 30 and 60 minute marks. Cover and retard to refrigerator.

Stretch and fold again when bringing up to room temp.

Stop bulk fermentation when puffy and doubled.

Preshape, bench rest 15-30 minutes, shape, and place on a sesame seed covered tea towel. Or wet the top of dough and roll it in sesame seeds.

Put in proofing basket seed-side down, and let prove for 30 minutes to 2 hours, or in refrigerator

Preheat oven and baking vessel to 500 F for 30 minutes.


500F lid on 20 minutes

450F lid on 10 minutes

450F lid OFF for 10-15 minutes

Internal temp 205F or higher, let cool before cutting.